Image Reduction API

class aspired.image_reduction.ImageReduction(verbose: bool = True, logger_name: str = 'Reducer', log_level: str = 'info', log_file_folder: str = 'default', log_file_name: str = None)[source]

Wrapper class of ImageReduction that will be deprecated in the next release.

The initialisation only sets up the logger.

  • verbose (boolean (Default: True)) – Set to False to suppress all verbose warnings, except for critical failure.

  • logger_name (str (Default: ImageReduction)) – This will set the name of the logger, if the name is used already, it will reference to the existing logger. This will be the first part of the default log file name unless log_file_name is provided.

  • log_level (str (Default: 'INFO')) – Four levels of logging are available, in decreasing order of information and increasing order of severity: (1) DEBUG, (2) INFO, (3) WARNING, (4) ERROR and (5) CRITICAL. WARNING means that there is suboptimal operations in some parts of that step. ERROR means that the requested operation cannot be performed, but the software can handle it by either using the default setting or skipping the operation. CRITICAL means that the requested operation cannot be resolved without human interaction, this is most usually coming from missing data.

  • log_file_folder (None or str (Default: "default")) – Folder in which the file is save, set to default to save to the current path.

  • log_file_name (None or str (Default: None)) – File name of the log, set to None to print to screen only.