Quickstart with LT/SPRAT

Using the SPRAT instrument on the Liverpool Telescope as an example quickstart. We are only showing one science spectrum until the end where all the reduced science and standard spectra are shown.

  1. Import all the required libraries:

    import sys
    import numpy as np
    from astropy.io import fits
    from aspired import image_reduction
    from aspired import spectral_reduction
    import plotly.io as pio
    # If using jupyter notebook
    pio.renderers.default = 'notebook'
    # If you want to display it in your default browser
    pio.renderers.default = 'browser'
    # If you want the image
    pio.renderers.default = 'png'
  2. In order to perform image reduction, users have to provide a file list of the spectra to be reduced. Alternatively, a fits.hdu.image.PrimaryHDU object can be supplied For the science spectral image, the file list is contained in examples/sprat_LHS6328.list

    #flat, sprat_LHS6328_Hiltner102_raw/v_slit_red_1.fits.gz
    dark, sprat_LHS6328_Hiltner102_raw/v_dark_1.fits.gz
    arc, sprat_LHS6328_Hiltner102_raw/v_a_20180810_13_1_0_1.fits.gz
    light, sprat_LHS6328_Hiltner102_raw/v_e_20180810_12_1_0_0.fits.gz
    light, sprat_LHS6328_Hiltner102_raw/v_e_20180810_12_2_0_0.fits.gz
    light, sprat_LHS6328_Hiltner102_raw/v_e_20180810_12_3_0_0.fits.gz
    light, sprat_LHS6328_Hiltner102_raw/v_e_20180810_12_4_0_0.fits.gz
    light, sprat_LHS6328_Hiltner102_raw/v_e_20180810_12_5_0_0.fits.gz

    To reduce the image with the built-in reduction method ImageReduction, execute the following, the rederer options are those of plotly’s:

    science_frame = image_reduction.ImageReduction()